LED Biophotonic Light Therapy

LED Biophotonic Light Therapy is a treatment for aging skin, mild to moderate acne, rosacea, chronic pain & arthritis, muscle spasms, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase blood circulation. Natural, non-invasive, FDA approved to deliver light deep into the tissue of the body to promote wound healing, & re-energize cellular functions.  Reduces inflammation, prevents breakouts, minimizes acne scarring, & shrinks enlarged pores.  Achieve younger, more vibrant skin and relieve muscle aches with no chemicals, & no harsh lasers or surgery.

LED Light Therapy  30 min  $40
Series of 6 Treatments  $200
Series of 10 Treatments  $300

Add on to any Medi-Facial $30


Lois Cox Skincare & Massage

King's Cabin Salon & Day Spa 541 E King St, King NC 27021