Facial Infusion Non-Chemical Peel

The first gentle, non-acid peel to remodel the skin without inflammation.  It has been proven that aggressive chemical peels thin & age the skin.  Instead of wounding the skin, Osmosis Facial Infusion gently resurfaces by feeding the deeper layers of skin to encourage cellular renewal & stimulate collagen.  Infusion will boost the remodeling efforts when using the Organic Medi-Facials & the at-home routine.  Allow 3 weeks between infusions.  Facial Infusion can be a stand alone treatment, or with a Custom Medi-Facial, LED Light Therapy, & Microcurrent Lift.

  Facial Infusion Peel with Medi-Facial  60min  $90
Custom Medi-Facial with Infusion & LED  90 min  $120
Custom Medi-Facial with Infusion, LED & Microcurrent  120 min $135


Lois Cox Skincare & Massage

 King's Cabin Salon & Day Spa 541 E King St, King NC 27021