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Covid-19 Update 

We are taking all precautions for 2021, double cloth mask over filter mask (3 masks) plus a 

acrylic Z -Shield screen that protects from the bottom and goes up. We have a very large Hepa filter with enclosed 

UV-C light inside, that destroys viruses. The filter cleans the massage/facial area every 10 to 15 minutes.

There is a fan running at all times, pushing air flow to the Hepa filter.  At times, the window will be open for 

additional air flow. We are taking tempatures before treatment, and ask all clients not to come in if exposed

to anyone with covid, or if they have any sign of illness. We also request that they wear their face mask into our

business as required by the state of NC.  All surfaces are sanitized with EPA approved sanitation grade cleaners

between clients.  Constant hand washing is available in all treatments rooms, and our practitioners 

are well versed in sanitation practices, and utilize them.


 Lois Cox Skincare & Massage

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